Update Oedema therapy

Would you like a quick update on the latest techniques and knowledge. The course focusses on practical skills, clinical reasoning, evidence-based knowledge and the translation of this knowledge in practice.

Knowledge, clinical reasoning and practical skills will be expanded on the following subjects:

  • Breast cancer and care
  • Head/neck oedema
  • Aftercare for melanomas
  • Own input using case studies

Lectures, case studies, practical demonstrations and class discussions

For whom?
This course is meant for registered colleague oedema therapists, who want deeper insights into the methods of oedema therapy.


  • The student is asked to contribute at least one case study per subject by presenting the case using a 5 min elevator pitch.
  • Studying and evaluating pre-arranged literature with regards to relevance and implementation strategies.
  • Other relevant case histories in addition to the case studies per subject are welcome

Certificate/ accreditation
A certificate for the MLD UK will be provided so that points can be attained in own country.

€ 425,= including coffee, tea and lunch or dinner

Dates and times
24 October 2018: 13:30-18:00, 19:00-21:00 (dinner included)
25 October 2018: 09:00-17:00 (lunch included)

Register before 30th of September 2018 via the registration form on the website.

Min. participants: 8
Max. participants:


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