This course is an extended part of the formaly known Fascia Techniques courses and aims to expand on the understanding of fascial anatomy and its close relationship to the lymphatic system. With case studies provided by the students and teachers, there will be more in-depth skills-training and clinical reasoning regarding treatment efficiency based on treatment assessment and protocols.

Description of course
This course is an extension of “Understanding our Connective Tissue system: Its role in dysfunction after breast cancer treatment – basic (level I) course” and “Understanding our Connective Tissue system- (Level II) course”.
Upon the completion of this workshop, the therapist should have an understanding of the importance of fascial anatomy and its considerations in lymphatic dysfunction. Secondly, the students will learn new insights in protocolled assessment and treatment strategies.

Thirdly the participant will be able to integrate decongestive lymphatic therapy principles and techniques within the world of fascia release techniques.

Willie Fourie and Wouter Hoelen

Amount of Hours involved:
Preparation time: 2 hrs
Contact hours: 12 hrs
Assessment: none

Criteria for applications
You are a registered physiotherapist or skin therapist. Connective Tissue Level I and II have been completed.

Course qualification
Post HBO certificate.


Min attendants: 12
Max attendants: 20

Duration of course
Level III is a two-day course.

Course dates
23-24 of January 2019

€ 475,- Including pre-reader, hand-outs, tea, coffee and lunch

Course completion
In order for a definite place in the course, the following is required:
– Completed application form
– Total payment
After receiving both we will send a confirmation.

Accreditation Points: KNGF aangevraagd, Keurmerk 14 SBU