This course, formerly known as Fascia Techniques, aims to expand on the understanding of fascial anatomy, damage to the fascial system and the treatment of a wider range of problems that may arise from surgical adhesions or tissue fibrosis after injury, surgery or radiation therapy. Shoulder and breast anatomy and treatment were covered in the first course. This course will include anatomy and treatment of the neck and masticatory system, the anatomy and treatment of the abdominal wall and the anatomy and treatment of the thigh and knee. A further aim is to improve the palpatory and manual treatment skills of the participant and their clinical reasoning.

Description of course
This course is an extension of “Understanding our Connective Tissue system: Its role in dysfunction after breast cancer treatment – basic (level I) course”. Understanding our Connective Tissue system (follow-up course).
Upon the completion of this workshop, the therapist should have an understanding of the importance of fascial anatomy and its considerations in musculoskeletal dysfunction. Secondly, in addition to the treatment of post mastectomy dysfunction covered in the first course, the participant should have an understanding of the dysfunction and treatment after head and neck cancers, the dysfunction and treatment after.

Criteria for applications
You are a registered physiotherapist or skin therapist. Preferably with a qualification in oedema and/ or oncology physiotherapy. You have to follow level 1 before you can start with level 2. When you have finished level 1 it is recommended the work with the techniques for a couple of months before you start with level 2.

Course qualification
Post HBO certificate.


Min attendants: 12
Max attendants: 20

Duration of course
Each level is a separate course and consists of three days each.

Course dates 2019
27/28/29 May  2019 VOL

KNGF 24 accreditatie punten, Keurmerk 24 SBU

In order for a definite placement in a course the following is required:
– Completed application form
– Total payment
After receiving we will send a confirmation

Including: pre-reader, hand-outs, tea, coffee and lunch